Motivational Maps Youth

Motivational Maps® Youth is designed for younger people. It helps them understand themselves and identifies their motivational drivers.


Performance is a combination of Direction, Skills and Motivation.

We often know what task we wish to perform or Direction we want to take.  We may also know what Skills we have, or require, to take us there. Both Direction and Skills can be monitored and altered if required. Motivation on the other hand, the vital third and key part of performance, has been an elusive goal at best with no means of measuring what motivates people or how motivated they are... until now.

Now we have a means to measure Motivation and truly affect the quality of life we have; Motivational Maps®.



The Motivational Map is not a personality test, or a psychometric profiling tool, it is a self perception inventory

Each Motivational Map is completed on-line in just 12 to 15 minutes, and provides an instant, personalised user-friendly report in three parts, the Individual or Youth, their Parents/Guardians and their Teacher/Mentor/Coach and gives:

  • Current motivation level
  • Key motivators and demotivators
  • Strategies to increase motivation

Group or Team Motivational Maps allows the comparison of individuals, teams and classes as a whole.


Why Motivational Maps® Youth?

Growing up is tough. As parents, guardians, teachers, mentors or coaches we have an obligation to ensure that we give young people every advantage and all the guidance and support we can to help them to stay focused in achieving their full potential.

Motivational Maps® Youth is designed specifically for younger people. It helps them understand themselves and assists their parents/guardians and teachers/mentor/coaches in identifying their motivational drivers.

The individual, parent/guardian, and teacher/mentor/coach all get their own customised report, giving them actionable advice for improving engagement, attendance, performance, and most importantly, general wellbeing and happiness.

Give young people the confidence they deserve with Motivational Maps® Youth.

Motivational Maps® Youth

Motivational Youth Maps are designed for measuring and showing individuals what motivates them, giving them their current level of motivation and are exceptional for monitoring the well-being or mental health of a student: identifying those who are at risk and supplying strategies for positive psychological interventions. The Motivational Youth Map assists with self-knowledge and understanding and helps to create the optimal conditions for growth.

For Parents or Guardians, Maps give them the chance to truly understand what their young person needs and positively assist in enabling them to be all that they can be and be fulfilled in doing so.

For Teachers or Coaches, Maps are designed to enhance their ability to assist students with not only their curriculum or performance base but also their personal growth and as such enables them to help students be more prepared for life after education.

Use this for:

  • Creating self-knowledge, self-respect and self esteem
  • Identifying personal and group reward strategies
  • Improving engagement of young people

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Enhanced provision for under achievers, gifted and talented
  • Improved further education and career choices
  • Promote partnership between parents, students and the school

Download Youth Maps Introduction

Download Youth Maps Example


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