Achieve strategic objectives, create culture change and enhance leadership capability.

Given that we spend a third of our lives at work, isn't is vital to make that time as productive and fulfilling as possible? For everyone involved?

At Muir Slicer we support organisations and individuals to achieve strategic objectives, create culture change and enhance leadership capability. By placing organisational needs at the forefront of the process coaching supports and enhances change across the organisation.

By contrast, a much more focussed approach is taken to executive or leadership coaching where an individual's development needs are addressed through one to one, or group, interactions. Coaching at this level involves an individual-centric, experiential process that builds on already existing capabilities and enables achievement of short and long term goals.

Whether individual, team or organisational coaching takes place, the aim is to foster positive transformations. Whether based on individual, group or organisational data gathering, these various perspectives engender mutual trust and respect that allows the relevant partnership to achieve maximum impact on the outcomes.

All coaching interactions initially use the Everything DiSC Workplace solution to give, as a starting point, each individual's preferences and tendencies and enable us to develop a platform from which to move forward and work more effectively within the organisation and further afield.

Coaching and use of the DiSC solution enhance the substantial benefits of coaching such as increased engagement and wellbeing, unlocking employee and executive potential, attracting and retaining talent, increased flexibility and comfort with change situations, increased innovation and excitement leading to enhanced team partnership working.

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